The City of Pines is calling! And there are so many reasons why it's better to commute to Baguio. Let Biyaheroes list the reasons why:

  1. It's cost effective. It's generally cheaper to book bus tickets instead of bringing a car.

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  2. It's convenient. There are a lot of bus trips to/from Baguio, and night trips are the fastest trips to get there.

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  3. It's comfortable. Riding a bus such as Solid North gives you the flexibility to choose your trips and even bus types.

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  4. It's more environment-friendly. Using a bus as your transport of choice to Baguio lessens your carbon footprint!

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  5. Everyone gets to rest and enjoy the scenic views. Instead of some down time for your designated driver, everyone in your group gets to rest through out the bus ride and just enjoy the view!

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Commute, relax, and enjoy your trip to Baguio!