It's time to enjoy the comforts of commuting to Baguio!

With Solid North bus trips to Baguio, their luxury class buses will make you feel the solid comforts this public transportation brand brings!

The Solid North luxury bus Baguio features the ff:
- a comfort room
- full seat recliners
- USB charging ports
- individual bus pads
- seat belts for safety

Solid North's current luxury bus schedule:
* Schedules may change without prior notice

PITX to Baguio
10PM, 11.30PM, 2AM, 4AM, 7AM, 10AM, 12NN, 3PM and 6PM
- Book PITX to Baguio bus online

Kamias to Baguio
5AM, 9AM, and 3PM
- Book Kamias to Baguio luxury bus online

Baguio to PITX
3AM, 6AM, 7AM, 10AM, 11.30AM, 1.30PM, 2.30PM, 3.30PM, 4.30PM, 6PM, 8PM
- Book Baguio to PITX bus online

Baguio to Cubao
2AM, 1PM, 5PM
- Book Baguio to Cubao luxury bus online