We've listed down the reasons why travelling may not be a priority for you. We're adding some insights, tips, and encouragements to change your mind and encourage you to explore.

LIMITED BUDGET. No ipon (savings)? No budget? While money and career are important, they shouldn't compromise your well-being and time for yourself. Companies may offer cash in exchange for unused leaves, but the compounding stress and days without rest take a toll on your general mood, health, and outlook in life. Pursue your dreams of traveling by checking out affordable destinations and activities.

INCONVENIENT. Stressed and too busy to plan your travels? Hirap magcommute (hard to commute)? Everything is digital now. Set your travels with Biyaheroes and book your gateway to adventures with us! Enjoy booking your seats for bus and boat trips in real-time, and our various payment options make it stress-free to pay and confirm your plans.

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WALANG KASAMA (Loner). We get you. It's hard to find a common date to set with your friends and loved ones for a vacation. The dates that you're free, they aren't. They may be pabebe  too, asking so many questions and a lot of demands. Don't be scared to travel alone. You can do it and make friends along the way! People are friendlier in a vacation setting too, so don't be shy to say hi and start a conversation. Travelling alone also adds confidence and gives you an itinerary where you hold all your time and decisions.

"TSAKA NA" MENTALITY (Delaying Tactics). You only live once, and life wasn't meant to just like look at pictures of other people in beautiful destinations. That could be you out there, too! Prioritize your happiness, too. Get out there, explore, and have fun!

Book trips, check out schedules, and find updated fares at Biyaheroes