Biyaheroes is now a one-stop-online-shop offering a hassle-free commutes from Manila to Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao! Book your trips now with our new bus partners Philtanco, Amihan and Jam plus earn point every time you travel with us!

Philtranco Inc., is offering their trips from Manila to Clark, Samar, Leyte, Iloilo, Daet, Cagayan De Oro and Davao online.

Available Schedules online:

Book Now Bus type Route Price Available Time
Airconditioned Bus PASAY - DAET VIA COLASI ₱517.70/579.70.00 7:30PM
Airconditioned Bus PASAY - DAET ₱651.30 8:00AM, 1:00PM, 8:00PM, 9:30PM
Airconditioned Bus PASAY - PANGANIBAN ₱643.50 7:00AM, 7:30PM
Airconditioned Bus PASAY - ILO-ILO ₱1,096.45 11:00AM
Airconditioned Bus PASAY - SILAGO ₱2080.650 7:00AM
Airconditioned Bus PASAY - LILOAN ₱1950.00 7:00AM
Airconditioned Bus PASAY - ORMOC ₱1852.5 10:00AM
Airconditioned Bus PASAY - MAASIN ₱2000.70 10:00AM
Airconditioned Bus PASAY - NAVAL ₱1,885.65 2:00PM
Ordinary Bus PASAY - ORMOC ₱1,472.50 12:00PM
Airconditioned Bus PASAY - CAGAYAN DE ORO ₱2,675.95 12:00PM
Airconditioned Bus PASAY - DAVAO ₱2,824.15 9:30PM, 8:00PM
Ordinary Bus PASAY - DAVAO ₱2,265.35 8:00PM
Airconditioned Bus PASAY - CLARK ₱350.00 11:30AM, 1:30PM, 3:30PM, 6:30PM, 8:30PM
Airconditioned Bus PASAY - NAGA ₱741.00 7:30AM, 8:30PM, 9:15PM
Airconditioned Bus PASAY - GOA ₱842.40 7:15PM
Airconditioned Bus PASAY - LAGONOY ₱856.05 7:15PM
Airconditioned Bus PASAY - IRIGA ₱811.20 9;00AM, 7:00PM, 8:00PM
Airconditioned Bus PASAY - BUHI ₱840.45 9;00AM, 7:00PM, 8:00PM
Ordinary Bus PASAY - BUHI ₱644.80 6:00PM
Ordinary Bus PASAY - IRIGA ₱644.80 6:00PM, 10:00PM
Ordinary Bus PASAY - SAGRADA ₱649.45 5:00PM
Airconditioned Bus PASAY - SAGRADA ₱1,885.65 2:00PM
Ordinary Bus PASAY - BALATAN ₱692.85 7:30PM
Airconditioned Bus PASAY - BALATAN ₱871.65 4:45PM

Amihan Bus is offering their trips going to Bicol Province mainly in Iriga, Legazpi, Naga, and Tabaco online.

Available Schedules online:

Book Now Bus type Route Price Available Time
40-Seater w/ CR BFCT - Legazpi 8AM, 730PM
40-Seater w/ CR BFCT - Tabaco 1030AM, 530PM, 10PM
40-Seater Regular Airconditioned BFCT - Tabaco 330PM
40-Seater w/ CR BFCT - Bulan 430PM
40-Seater Regular Airconditioned BFCT - Iriga 630PM
26-Seater 2x1 BFCT - Tabaco 745PM
40-Seater w/ CR BFCT - Buhi 8PM
40-Seater w/ CR BFCT - Iriga 845PM
26-Seater 2x1 BFCT - Legazpi 9PM
40-Seater w/ CR BFCT - Tabaco 10PM
40-Seater w/ CR Legazpi - BFCT 10AM, 7PM
40-Seater w/ CR Tabaco - BFCT 1230AM, 6PM, 630PM
40-Seater Regular Airconditioned Tabaco - BFCT 430PM
40-Seater w/ CR Bulan - BFCT 5PM
40-Seater Regular Airconditioned Iriga - BFCT 615PM
26-Seater 2x1 Tabaco - BFCT 630PM
40-Seater w/ CR Buhi - BFCT 615PM
40-Seater w/ CR Iriga - BFCT 7PM
40-Seater w/ CR Legazpi - BFCT 7PM

How to book online?

  1. Go To (Sign up or Sign in if you want to earn points that you can use to your next trip.) then click "Book Now"
  2. Choose your Destination, Origin, Drop-off point and Departure date then click "Proceed"
  3. Choose your seats (Note: seats under Philtranco, Amihan & Jam are seat allocation only and is subject to approval) then click "Proceed"
  4. Fill out the passenger details form then click "Proceed"
  5. Review your booking, choose your preferred payment option then click "Pay Now!"
  6. Once payment is confirmed, you will receive SMS and email confirmation with the voucher. Please print the voucher and present it to the terminal.