This has been lifted from Partas' official terms and conditions:

"In compliance with LTFRB and the Animal Welfare Act, PTCI does not allow transport of live animals of any kind, except fowls and other house pets, ie., dogs, cats, hamsters, etc. They will be allowed provided that these conditions are complied with or satisfied:

1. They are allotted with their own seat beside the owner and this is only for the last three rows of the bus.

2. Securely kept, and should comfortably fit in a carriage (carton box with holes for

3. A Waiver of No Claim shall be submitted to us, as we will not be held liable for
any untoward incident involving the animal.

4. For pet dogs and cats, travel should be
a) supported by a Permit to Travel from the Bureau of Animal Industry and an updated
vaccination certificate,
b) should be wearing a diaper or a muzzle,
c) should be 2 months old and above,
d) must have eaten already at least 6 hours before travel,
e) must have taken a potty before the bus ride,
e) must buy a full-fare, separate seat for the pet and
should be seated by the window side,
f) we will also have to ask the other passengers if they are okay travelling on the same bus with a pet. If they are not okay, traveler with the pet should be bumped off to the next trip until all passengers in the same bus agree.
g) the traveler with a pet will also have the last priority for the departing bus.

PTCI also do not want to sacrifice the convenience, comfort and safety of other passengers, so those with pet animals will have to board last (if all passengers agreed to travel with a pet on board). Fowls, on the other hand, will be loaded inside the bus' belly compartments. It is best to ship fowls during night trips."