Great News, Biyaheroes!

New routes from Manila to Pangasinan are now available online at BIYAHEROES.COM!

Travelling to/from Pangasinan is now hassle-free and just a click away!

No need to leave the comfort of your home just to reserve seats at the terminal. Book your trips online, select your preferred seats, and settle your reservations in the most convenient payment channels! You can even pay through debit/credit cards!

Solid North Bus Features:

  • Bus is equipped with wi-fi
  • Bus is fitted with a television
  • Bus is air-conditioned

Solid North Bus Schedules going to/from Pangasinan:

Book Now Destination Departure Time Price
Cubao to San Carlos 6AM, 8AM, 10AM, 1PM, 3PM, 5PM, 7PM 350
Cubao to Dagupan(TIPLEX) 5AM, 7AM, 9AM, 11AM, 12PM, 2PM, 4PM, 6AM, 8PM 381
Cubao to Dagupan/ Lingayen (TIPLEX) 6:30AM, 8:30AM, 10:30AM, 1:30PM, 3:30PM, 5:30PM 407
Cubao to Bolinao 12AM, 4AM, 9AAM, M, 12PM, 5PM, 7PM 500
San Carlos to Cubao 6AM, 8AM, 1PM, 3PM, 5PM 350
Dagupan to Cubao (TPLEX) 6AM, 8AM, 11AM, 1PM, 3PM, 5PM 381
Lingayen to Cubao 3AM, 5AM, 8AM, 10AM, 1PM 407
Bolinao to Cubao 2AM, 4AM, 6AM, 9AM, 11AM, 1PM 500


  1. CHOOSE YOUR ORIGIN & DESTINATION: Choose your destination & origin, number of seats, departure/ return date.
  2. SELECT YOUR PREFERRED SCHEDULE: Select your preferred schedules; time and Bus/ Accommodation type.
  4. FILL OUT THE RESERVER DETAILS FORM: Provide all the necessary personal details: Name, Gender, and Passenger type
  5. SELECT YOUR MODE OF PAYMENT: Select your mode of payment; card payment, online banking, OTC Bank/ATM and non-bank
  6. REVIEW YOUR BOOKING DETAILS AND CLICK 'PAY NOW': Review your booking details, read our terms & conditions carefully, and click "pay now!" to finalize your booking.

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