With Partas starting their bus trips again, here are their latest travel requirements:

  • Swab or Saliva RT-PCR results are required to be able to enter the province. This must be taken not earlier than 72 hours before the trip. Antigen is also accepted (please read more under specific requirements). Minors below 3 years old are exempted for this requirement.
  • For passengers coming from Vigan to Manila, only a valid ID (required) and vaccination card (if available) must be presented.
  • All persons permitted to travel, except the cases of passersby, shall immediately report to the CHO/RHU of the LGU of destination upon entry for surveillance and monitoring purposes.
  • APORs travelling for work in nearby provinces are encouraged to only travel every two weeks until such a time that the highly transmissible Delta variant has been contained.

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Specific requirements for the different types of travelers must also be presented:

  • For tourists visiting for leisure and will stay in the Province for at least overnight, a Valid ID, Tara Na Travel Request and QR Code, DOT Accredited Travel Agency or hotel booking confirmation, and negative antigen test taken within 24 hours prior to entry are required.
  • For Returning Overseas Filipino coming home from another country, a Valid ID, Certificate from Bureau of Quarantine, negative RT-PCR test issued within 72 hours before entry or negative antigen test taken within 24 hours before entry, and S-Pass are required.
  • For APORs with work in Ilocos, an official travel order is required.
  • For APORs for medical check-ups and other health concerns, a medical appointment is required.
  • For APORs with health and emergency services as well as duly authorized humanitarian actors, a Company ID for workers/Gov't Issued IDs for non-work related APORs, S-Pass, and negative antigen test taken within 24 hours before entry (If crossing the ┬áborder once a week, the test shall be valid for 7 days).
  • For Passersby of Ilocos Sur going to another Province, a Valid ID, proof of destination, and Delivery Receipts for Cargoes.

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