Currently limited to returning residents and employees, CODA Lines offers NLET to/from Bontoc, Banaue, and Sagada!

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Here are the 2021 CODA Lines Schedule and Fares :

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Book Now Bus type Route Departure Time Price Travel Time
Deluxe NLET to Banaue 8:00 PM ₱693.00 10 hours
Deluxe NLET to Bontoc 8:00 PM ₱787.00 11 hours
Deluxe NLET to Sagada 8:00 PM ₱825.00 12 hours
Super Deluxe NLET to Banaue 9:00 PM ₱732.00 9 hours
Super Deluxe NLET to Bontoc 9:00 PM ₱957.00 10 hours
Super Deluxe NLET to Sagada 9:00 PM ₱1007.00 11 hours
Deluxe Sagada to NLET 10:30 AM ₱825.00 12 hours
Deluxe Bontoc to NLET 11:30 AM ₱787.00 11 hours
Deluxe Banaue to NLET 1:00 PM ₱693.00 10 hours
Super Deluxe Sagada to NLET 3:00 PM ₱1007.00 11 hours
Super Deluxe Bontoc to NLET 4:00 PM ₱957.00 10 hours
Super Deluxe Banaue to NLET 5:30 PM ₱732.00 9 hours

COVID-19 LGU requirements may still be mandated. Please contact your local government unit for the latest guidelines.